From cultivation to bottling...


The Domain has adopted sustainable cultivation methods to preserve the natural interaction between the vines and the land.

  • Preparing the soil, ploughing,
  • Using organic fertilisers,
  • Severe debudding,
  • Removing leaves by hand to provide airflow to the vines and the grapes,
  • Harvesting by hand.

This makes it possible to provide satisfactory yields of healthy, ripe grapes.

The land nourishes the vines and man lends a hand all year round to harvest the fruit.


Red wines

The harvested grapes are sorted several times and 100% destemmed. Vinification takes about 18 days. During this stage, the wine is left relatively undisturbed apart from occasional punching down and pumping over.

Daily tasting throughout this period determines the balance of the wine for each vintage to retain the maximum FRUITINESS. The red wine is vinified in open tanks, it is macerated cold and the vats are temperature controlled. It will spend 12 months in oak casks, 20% of barrels being new.

White wines

The grapes are sorted and pressed slowly to extract the best of their juice. After separating the must from the sediment, the alcoholic fermentation is temperature controlled to preserve the flavours and freshness of the wine. It will be bottled 6 to 8 months later.

Each year 90% of the wine is sold in bottles. The wine is tasted regularly while it is ageing, to check how it is developing.

This meticulous work produces great wines.